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My daughter received feeding therapy for 9 months, at age 7, and we stopped when Chelsea moved out of town. My daughter tried a few new foods during the time she was receiving therapy. Soon after the last therapy, she started trying even more foods, it felt as if in her mind she kept going to see Chelsea, and she felt confident and interested in new flavors and textures almost on a daily basis. At home, we tried a similar approach as done during therapy, and she slowly increased her regular food options. We also started letting her do stuff in the kitchen. Surprisingly, 4 months ago, she started baking breads and desserts, all on her own, witout recipes or measurements! She got inspired by watching Nailed It on Netflix, and she has made a variety (all edible and yummy!) of baked foods, all within our dietary restrictions. She did not try her own creations at first, but after seeing how her friends and family loved what she made, she started trying and eating her own baked goods. We owe Chelsea all of this, we will be forever grateful!

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