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Pandemic Language Impairment

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Did you know that 2 year olds today may have spent more than 1/2 of their lives in quarantine during COVID? Is there a name for this? I’m seeing kids with something I may name Language Delay of Covid or Language Delay with Covid Effects or Pandemic Language Impairment. Imagine what we all went through in 2020 but it lasting over 1/2 of our lives! Some of these little guys may have not yet gotten to the age of 1, where you may have expected their first word, and then everything changed!

Maybe they were in daycare and just starting to socialize with or become exposed to other children and they had to come home! Perhaps their parents work full time away from the home and then suddenly they are home. These little guys are used to being able to see, play, and interact with their parent(s) in the evening when they are home. But all of a sudden they are home but their parents have to work from home. Yet, they can not play or interact with their parents ALL DAY because their patents now have to work on-line in another room. Imagine the frustration, anger, and sadness they feel.

Now maybe they have to spend much of their day babysat by the T.V. or a tablet. Language develops through face to face interaction. Is it their patents fault? No! The parents try their best to interact with their child but the gap has grown. Where the child may have had 50 or more words they now have only 5! They may have regressed with social skills and sensory or fine motor skills from lack of exposure! The good news is when they begin language therapy and eventually re-integrate back into school or daycare their language, socialization, and fine motor skills may begin to flourish! But they still need extra help!

Maybe a referral to get a hearing evaluation, to an OT to get an evaluation for fine motor or sensory delays, and an evaluation by a Speech Language Pathologist. That’s why I am creating this group. I’m calling it Summer Sensory Social Group! It’s for toddlers affected by the effects of this pandemic: the language, speech, sensory, and social effects! But not only the toddlers, it’s for the parents too: to share their journeys, struggles, and accomplishments! To socialize too! A 6 week program in Julington Creek/Fruit Cove, Florida. Message Look Whoo’s Talking, LLC or text (727)-667-7282 to inquire or book.

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